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Originally from the Kansas City Metro, Remy is a freelance stage manager and administrative professional. They enjoy traveling, reading, and learning about the world around them. Their travels have taken them all across the United States, to Thailand, England, and Italy. Remy also has a lot of candles and unfinished knitting projects.


Remy enjoys any opportunity to build upon their skills because it makes them a better stage manager. They have worked as a carpenter, stitcher, electrician, mic runner, in ticketing, and on backstage crews in order to learn about every aspect of theatre they possibly can in order to make every production the best it can possibly be. They are also experienced in customer service and clerical work.


Remy is currently based out of Citrus Heights, CA. Working in office environments since October of 2020, they hope to return to the theatre world in a few years, once the public health issue is being contained.

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